Wolf Brand Scooter

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*1 year Limited Parts only Warranty

Islander 50cc $1375

New Version

EX150 ​$1780

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*Additional Fees

In order to offer the absolute lowest price for exact models in the local area, all advertised prices are for payment in cash.  Use of a credit or debit card will incur a 3% convenience charge.  Besides the listed price, all Wolfbrand Scooters are subject  to a Florida battery and tire tax of $3.50, Florida sales tax of 8.5%.  Registering and tagging the scooter is optional.  We can process the registration, titling, metal tag & Temp tag so that you can ride your scooter off our lot for $225 in about 30 minutes or if you don't mind the hassles involved, you may choose to do it yourself and save a few bucks (49cc only) It's your choice.   

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RX 50cc $1275

Jet 50cc $1575

​Jet 150cc $1780

Lucky 50cc $1575

Lucky 150cc $1780

Rugby 50cc $1575

Rugby 150cc $1780

V50 50cc $1575

V150 150CC $1780


Blaze 50cc $1575 

​Blaze II 150cc $1780